Noblesse S Episode 2 Summary

A New Start 02

This episode picks up where we left off. Class with Pedro ended, and Yoona and Suyi are apoligizing to Shinwoo. Turns out that Pedro gave him a headlock…it must have hurt like hell, cuz that guy is built like a pro wrestler. Meanwhile, Rai stares out of the window, watching the students scurry like ants towards the cafeteria. He thinks that humans haven’t changed much since their hunter-gatherer days, lol. As the students file out Shinwoo jumps on a desk and announces that he will buy lunch for all of them with the allowance from his dad. They head to the cafeteria, but alas! Shinwoo has misplaced his wallet! Everyone else has left their wallets behind in the classroom. Rai steps up. He nods when Ikhan asks him if he wants to pay. They start to examine the menu, but Regis intimidates them into buying ramen. Before they could choose what kind of ramen they want, Regis just goes ahead and orders 7 bowls of classic ramen. Rai takes out a credit card issued to him by Frankenstein. Everyone looks at him and sweat-drops. He should’ve known by now that the school cafeteria didn’t take credit cards…The kids start to run to the classroom for their wallets but Regis stops them. It’s rude, after all, to refuse Rai-nim’s offer. Even when he can’t pay. Seira offers to cook lunch for them in the school kitchens, but she learns that students are prohibited there. Ikhan suggests that they ask Principal Lee to pay. The cafeteria ladies are annoyed, when there’s a rich celebrity girl right there, but they are intimidated by Regis. They call Frankenstein, who says to let the kids do whatever they want with his money. The fangirls girls in their class overhear Suyi and Yoona scolding Shinwoo for making Rai pay, and they beg Rai to buy them lunch. He nods. Their make counterparts complain about gender discrimination, so Rai agrees to buy them lunch, too. Pretty soon, all the students in the school gather around Rai. The following scene ensues.

Regis: Attention, everyone!

Regis’s voice echoed in the cafeteria.

Regis: Today, out of the kindness of his heart, Rai-nim has blessed us with providing enough classic-style ramen for all!

Crowd: Hear hear~!

The crowd applauded at his words.

Regis: A word from you, please.

Regis politely stepped off to the side. The students stopped their noisy chatter as Rai stepped up.

Rai opened his mouth slowly.

Rai: …Ramen.

Just a single word. The overflowing charisma-!


The crowd cheered as they marveled at Rai’s marvelous charisma.

Regis was overwhelmed with emotion. Shinwoo and Ikhan jumped up and down, shouting with the rest.

End scene.

Meanwhile, at Principal Lee’s office, he recieves a call notifying him of the huge Ramen Party. Not a single student had returned to the classrooms. This episode ends with Frankenstein speechless with shock.


6 thoughts on “Noblesse S Episode 2 Summary

  1. Hi dotoripop!
    I did not know you’ve been translating the summaries of Noblesse S.
    Thank goodness d1r31 told me yesterday.. >.<

    I think I'm the only one who's late in getting here. *cries*

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