Noblesse S Episode 4 Summary

The Shadows of Darkness 02

Our favorite trio is walking down after work, with M-21 and Takeo being glum and Tao whistling and skipping along. They had suffered for what seemed like hours under Frankenstein’s disapproving gaze, and it was all Tao’s fault.

<What happened at the Ramen Party a few days ago>

Takeo, Tao, and M-21 were patroling the school when they heard a huge commotion from the cafeteria. They hurried to see what it was, and found the Ramen Party in full swing. Students eating ramen were everywhere. Naturally, Tao wanted to join the party, and danced around. Naturally, Takeo and M-21 lectured about how it was their duty as the Special Guard Unit to put order to the school and how immature it was of Tao, but before they knew it they were seated with chopsticks in their hands and irresistable, steaming bowls of ramen in front of them.


That was fine, as Tao was always doing stuff like that. But this time, it was clear that someone had ratted them out. And because of that someone, their salaries had almost gotten lowered. But it was thanks to Tao’s wheedling that nothing bad happened, although they weren’t grateful to him at all. Takeo and M-21 were silent the whole way to the Franky House. They said nothing even as the children greeted them (“Hey, the hyungs and ajusshi have arrived!”LOL), and as they donned their pink aprons and rubber gloves. They were not happy. Not Tao, who immediately started chatting with the kids and stuffing his face with Seira’s food.

Early next morning, the trio meet outside their doors. They had recieved a text telling them to come to the school’s outdoor field. They put on their uniforms on and walk to the living room, where they almost got heart attacks. Rai was sitting on the sofa, reading something in the dark while sipping tea. Creepy. They greet him nervously, and Rai nods slightly. As they walk to the side, they catch a glimpse of what Rai was reading so intently. Popular Online Games Magazine. Figures.

They arrive at the school field. Ahn Dae Chil was there already. He says that he sent the text message early to test them on their obligation or whatever. Tao talks back to him cheerfully, saying how that was no challenge, which annoys him. Ahn Dae Chil’s Subordinate A explains that they would be testing them, to see if they were qualified for their posts.  Takeo and M-21 are taken aback at the suddeness.

First test, run 30 laps around the field (remember how Shinwoo was dying when he had to run 8 laps?) with the other security guard. Easy peazy lemon squeazy. They run far ahead of the others, talking about internet shopping all the way, and have to pretend to be breathless when they’re done. They impress the other security guards, but annoy Ahn Dae Chil. Seeing that their plan to kick them out is not going well, Sub A suggests that they see what their talents are and mock them. They take out files.

Takeo’s talent is long range shooting, so they pair an expert in shooting with him. Tao’s is hacking, so a pro hacker for him. M-21 (or Ishii)’s talent is hand-to-hand fighting. He gets a whole team of security guards.

A couple hours later, the results are out. Takeo is the best shooter they have ever seen, and Tao’s hacking skills blew their minds. And M-21 just pwned.
Ahn Dae Chil is shocked. Sub A suggests that he get counseling from Principal Lee.

End of Noblesse S Episode 3

I think that Ahn Dae Chil is a good guy, not the antogonist, despite the annoying evil laughter. He only wants to kick the guys out because he is worried about the order of the school. It’s also said that he cherishes his subordinates deeply.

And I just noticed that Rai only said one word so far: Ramen.


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