Noblesse S Episode 8 Summary

Why Are You Like This? 

Class is over, and Shinwoo and co. are thinking about going somewhere else other than Prinicipal Lee’s house because understandably, going to the same place every single day for a few months is a bit old. They decide on going to the PC Bang because they haven’t been there once since Regis and Seira arrived.

At the PC Bang Shinwoo and Ikhan teach Regis and Seira how to play a game. After a few minutes, they say they say that they are ready. To everyone’s surprise, they play like pro gamers despite that this was their first time playing an online game. However, Rai has not been able to kill anybody and is getting ruthlessly pwned. Regis’s character encounters Rai’s and takes the chance to let Rai have his first kill ever. His character runs around Rai’s, waving his arms and jumping, but  it just stands still. Then Shinwoo’s character comes along and kills them both.

The next day at the school, Regis is talking to Franky about Rai’s “serious problem”. After he leaves, Franky decides to do something about it. He makes an appointment with the two highest ranked players of the game, but turns out that they are just Shinwoo and Ikhan. He dismisses them and considers taking illegal measures to help out his master, such as hacking the system and moving up Rai’s ranking. After a bit, Tao comes in joking around in his usual manner. Frankenstein sighs and thinks. “It’s not at all easy to take care of Master.”

End of Episode 8

Gah, just realized I wrote the whole thing in present tense! This is why you shouldn’t do stuff like this at 1:30 am when you have the flu. And does anybody know why my iPod’s spellcheck is messing up more than usual? I mean, it changes “usual” to “Ursula” and “master” to “hamster” and stuff. Is my iPod sick, too?

I’ll post Episode 9 tomorrow. Oops, today.


6 thoughts on “Noblesse S Episode 8 Summary

  1. You have a flu? You should rest!

    xD I can pretty much imagine Rai’s character – standing there ignoring Regis… Just like real Rai ^^

  2. Lol, Rai just stands there, doing nothing? No wonder he always loses. xD

    Thanks anyway for the new chapter! I actually prefer the present tense, because it’s more in the “now”, which connects better to the normal Noblesse manhwa imo. But that choice is up to you.

    PS. If I can trust my intuition, then you’d better say “It’s not easy at all taking care of master” instead of “It’s not at all easy to take care of Master”.

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