Noblesse S Episode 10 Summary

I Need Protection 01

(Note: I’ll just translate the whole e-mails because it’s less confusing that way.)

Bored to death in class, Suyi decides to check her e-mail for the first time in a week. She flips through her fanmail until one sparks her interest.
Subject: Suyi unni, I’m a true fan~^^ (Note: she uses -yo, something

added to the end of the sentence to be polite)
Unni, I’m unni’s fan. I want to be friends with you. So I want to be able to contact you. Could you please tell me your number to send a text or your address to send fanmail? Thank you~^^
Suyi thinks that it’s cute, and feels guilty that her request was impossible to fullfil. Then she sees another mail sent by the same person.
Suyi unni, it’s me~
It’s your dongsaeng (person who’s younger than you) from yesterday. I asked you to tell me~^^ I promise to not tell anyone, so please tell me. I’ll be waiting~
Suyi feels even guiltier. Then…
-Unni, why did you not reply yet? I promised to keep it to myself, so why are are you not telling me? Do you not believe me? I’m getting quite unhappy. I’ll be waiting.
It was that person. Suyi was confused. She scrolled down…
-Can you not trust anyone (Note: she doesn’t use -yo, which is extremly rude if you’re talking to a stranger or someone older to you who you’re no close to)? Have you been blinded by the popularity you have been getting lately? Let’s see how long you last.
Suyi’s expression hardens, and she sighs. She flips through the mail again until another of the person’s messages turns up, as she expected.
-Suyi, you’re such a biatch. A popular celebrity like you should disappear. No, you should rather die.
Shocked, Suyi shuts off her smartphone.

After school, her friends notice that she was depressed and she reluctantly shows them the mail. She reveals that she recieves threatening letters all the time but kept them secret so they wouldn’t be worried. They are shocked, but even more so when Suyi says that around the hate mail started coming in, she felt like someone was stalking her. She then excuses herself. Worried, Shinwoo and the rest go to Principal Lee. He assures them that he would protect a precious student of Ye Ran at all costs. M-21, Tao, and Takeo were still in the room. Tao says that he would use his hacking skills to watch Suyi’s house’s surroundings but the puppy had destroyed all his equipment, choking up as he thought about it. Frankenstein says that no matter what, they had to protect Suyi from danger. He offers them a raise, something that was unexpected, but awesome.

It’s 11 pm and Suyi turns down her manager oppa’s offer to walk her to her door when he drops her off near her place. But before she could reach her house, a strange dude steps in front of her, asking for her autograph and picture. Suyi is creeped out, but then recognizes the voice. Takeo oppa! He says that he came to check on her, and insists on walking her to her door. When they reach it, they find that it’s already open. Takeo gravely suggest that they go to the Franky House.

End of Episode 10


9 thoughts on “Noblesse S Episode 10 Summary

  1. HEY~~~ Nice summaries, thank you for doing them ^.^ Just a little correction though, in the beginning of the last paragraph, I think the ‘offer’ should be ‘office’?

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