Noblesse S Episode 11 Summary

I Need Protection 02

(It seems that someone posted a link to this site on a foreign-language forum! I think it’s Russian? Sorry if I’m wrong. Anyways, thanks, and anyone can feel free to translate the summaries to their language, although so

me of them are messed up. But give credit to me or post a link to this site on their blog or thread or whatever, please!)

It’s almost midnight, and Suyi and Takeo are back at the Franky House. Suyi’s parents did their activities in the rural areas of the country, so she lives alone. She hadn’t contacted them yet. There was not much damage done; only some cash and jewelry were missing. Suyi didn’t want them to call the police because of possible complications with her company. She had contacted her company and told them to pick her up at this house. Takeo tells her to also tell them to not send bodyguards because she had her oppas to protect her (d’awww). Frankenstein was suggesting informing Ahn Dae Chil about this when he when Suyi interrupts. Frankenstein screams (OH NOOOOOOOO in English). Too late. The poop was already on the floor. Holding back his tears (like a man!) he barks orders at Tao and Takeo. Suyi wonders aloud if the puppy would actually listen to anyone, and the others look at M-21. He reluctantly calls the puppy over and orders him to do various orders: left paw, right paw, roll over, speak, back flip, front flip. The puppy does all of them without hesitation, which is shocking because canines usually aren’t born with the ability to understand Korean. Then Frankenstein tells Suyi to sleep in the spare room on the third floor, where Seira’s room is. They go up, but Suyi asks Seira to stay with her because she was scared. They have girl talk, or actually, Suyi talking while Seira listens. She says how living with males must be tiring, but fun. At least better than being alone and lonely. Rai was cool, Regis was sometimes cute like a little brother, Takeo oppa was reliable like a big bro, Tao oppa was fun, and M-21 ajusshi was cold and stiff. She regrets that she couldn’t grow up as a normal kid with Suyi, Ikhan, and Yuna, and is sorry that she makes them worry all the time.

The next day, Suyi is the last one to wake up. When her manager oppa comes, he isn’t alone. He had brought bodyguards anyway. She tries to refuse them when the trio come up behind her and say that they were her bodyguards. The pro bodyguards scoff at the “amateurs” and drive away in their car by by themselves.

End of Episode 11

Sorry that took a long time. There was a rerun of Running Man with BOTH Nichkhun and Song Joong Ki in it after breakfast. And I found out for the very first time that subways in Korea had free Wifi in the last five minutes of the ride (my lil bro told me…I fail), and my hagwon doesn’t have Wifi. I guess this proves that I suck at keeping promises.


9 thoughts on “Noblesse S Episode 11 Summary

  1. What’s a hagwon?

    So the kids find M-21 to be standoffish…but the puppy understands him completely!!!

    I didn’t realize that Suyi had such a complicated back story.

    • Oops, people who haven’t read my tumblr post must not know. It’s a Korean term for an after school academy? Not sure what it’s called in English.

      Maybe dogs consider werewolves as alphas? But I thought that wolves and dogs were enemies. Doesn’t explain why the puppy can understand Korean, though.

      Yeah, me neither. I think that a lot of the kids’ backstories will be uncovered in Noblesse S since these things are trivial compared to mutant and vampire wars.

  2. There probably is an English term for hagwon, but I don’t think that sort of academic overkill is as common here. Or maybe it was just me… After school tutoring or college prep classes?

    • The dictionary says “academy”. After school tutoring is called “ga whe” and college prep classes are “dae hagwons”, I think.

      A hagwon is like an optional class. There are hagwons that specialize in different subjects; art, math, science, etc., and there are some that teach multiple subjects. They aren’t required, but almost every student goes to one or more, probably because of the enormous competition here.

  3. D’aww, so cute, M-21 can order puppy’s around. ^^ And Tao doesn’t remark it’s probably got something to do with his werewolf heart? Lucky M-21. 😛

    I like how we get to know the kids better in Noblesse S. At least they start becoming more than just background characters who’re only useful as hostage material.

  4. If were trying to say what I think you were trying to say in this sentence, “Frankenstein was suggesting informing Ahn Dae Chil about this when he when Suyi interrupts,” than I think it should be, “Frankenstein was suggesting to inform Ahn Dae Chil about this when he was interrupted by Suyi.
    And in, “She regrets that she couldn’t grow up as a normal kid with Suyi, Ikhan, and Yuna, and is sorry that she makes them worry all the time,” did you meant Sinwoo instead of Suyi. And it seems like she is comparing herself to her friends so it would be like instead of with.

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